ФантАstika: Almanac of Bulgarian Speculative Fiction collects short fiction and novel excerpts originally written between 1978 and 2020 by twenty-four Bulgarian authors. Most of the short fiction has been reprinted from professional magazines or anthologies, such as Oceans of the Mind, Unstuck, Diamonds in the Sky, Future Science Fiction Digest, and others. The almanac also contains about a hundred pages of full-color paintings and black-and-white drawings by over a dozen Bulgarian artists.

ФантАstika is a dream come true—both for Atanas P. Slavov and the members of Terra Fantasia Association of Bulgarian SF & F Writers and Artists, who have dedicated half a century to the promotion of speculative fiction in Bulgaria and around the world, and for Kalin M. Nenov and the Human Library Foundation, who have translated human-evolving fiction into English for the past fifteen years. In an age when we need ever more bridges across the world and to the future, ФантАstika comes to offer you some. Will you walk them?