When you have lost everything, can you still find the way among the stars?

Ferrtau the Lightbringer has declared war on reality itself. Driven insane with grief, he ravages the world of Terra Para, seeking to take control of the Shard, which will enable him to attain his mad quest. But what pushed the galaxy’s greatest champion over the edge?

Airo Blueborn is awakened after seven centuries of cryostasis and sent to stop Ferrtau as a last resort. Known as the Dragonslayer, Airo hates dragons with a burning rage—yet promptly ends up as the sole guardian of Veralla, a fledgling dragon.

Hatched into a hostile world, Veralla wants to understand why there is so much pain and suffering all around her, especially beneath the hard shell of her embittered protector. She also needs to grow up fast if she is to survive a war-torn planet.

Can a former dragonslayer and a fledgling dragon forge a lasting bond in the fires of one man’s crusade against reality? And can they find a way to save the world from eternal oblivion?

The Celestial Way is a story about healing old wounds and finding redemption. Set in a shattered galaxy, featuring transhumanism, dragons, and a cutting-edge blend of magic and technology, this space opera embarks on an epic journey to discover the light and love inside each of us.

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