Как пишем критика

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Re: Как пишем критика

Postby Trip » Sun May 12, 2013 11:41 pm

Е, така става, да :) Може и да стане.
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Re: Как пишем критика

Postby Кал » Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:18 pm

И като продължение на тоя разговор:

Tama Yoshi wrote:As a wannabe writer, I can relate a lot with the "silence" that people give me when I ask them what they think about my writing.
This is quite frustrating, but in hindsight, it's a sort of criticism in itself.

Кал wrote:I'm not sure how much of silence is 'criticism' (i.e. 'your art nothing to write home about') and how much is pure lack of time.

People are busy. And getting busier. And they know--especially the ones who give the useful kind of critiques--that writing a critique--especially the useful kind--takes time and effort. You need to get into an appreciative state. You need to stop worrying about the dozen other things you can (or must) be doing ....

Which reminds me that I should be copyediting a novel right now ... TTYL. ;)

(So, Eclipse, my opinion about your new comic will come tomorrow at the earliest. I need to get into the state, stop worrying, etc. But you, don't you despair! Fill in the silence with more art! :)

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Re: Как пишем критика

Postby Кал » Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:21 am

Tama Yoshi wrote:Silence can be lack of time, but I think that "I don't have enough time" really means "This is not interesting enough to sway me out of my routine of not-actually-super-important-things" 90% of the time.
Since I want to write something that sells, and that people read, and like to read, I have to "sway them" first. If I can't even get them to sell a few minutes to turn some pages, I fail.

Of course, uh, I won't start racking my brains about how to make a fancy title that will get people on the edge of their seats from the onset, just because they didn't *start* reading. O_o

Кал wrote:I don't know about those guys who can afford having a 'routine' or spending time on 'not-actually-super-important-things'. Actually, I barely know such guys. :D

Judging from the people around me, it's always a matter of, 'I have a hundred amazing/crucial things to do. Which one do I pick first?'

(And why have I, Kal, chosen to write on Alora Fane rather than edit the next book for the Human Library series or discover Bulgarian expat communities that may be interested in our ebooks? Or even prepare that surprise that I want to surprise you with first thing tomorrow morning? Uh-oh, see you in a while, guys ....)

P.S. Eclipse, please accept my apologies for not commenting on your comic strips yet. I really meant what I said about getting into the proper appreciative state. I'm in such a rush these days that 'appreciating art' sounds like alien speak to me. :/
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Re: Как пишем критика

Postby Radiant Dragon » Mon Apr 18, 2022 3:34 pm

След като влязох в Дискорд сървъра на Dream Foundry, където се озовах покрай онлайн конвента Flights of Foundry т.г., след известно изследване на различните канали и налични ресурси попаднах на следното:

CRITIQUE CONSIDERATIONS - Or “How to Make Yourself a Valuable Critique Partner”

Предполагам тези неща са били казвани и преди (тук във форума, или нейде другаде); аз самият имах мъглява представа за тях. Обаче за пръв път виждам кратка и структурирана статия, която да ни изведе отвъд базовото формулиране на градивна критика. (Или както казва самата статия: "[...]“Critiquing fiction 201” because I feel like most advice is usually at the 101 level.")

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Аз съм. Това ми стига.

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