Dear translators:

For 2014, I have a simple, utterly realistic dream: to revive the activities of the Fantasia Translation Academy, by translating „За спасяването на света“ into English.

I also have a quirky sense of humor–so don’t run! I was kidding.

Sorta. 😉

I invite all of you who wish to join in this grand adventure (or, more prosaically yet no less excitingly, hone their skills in English) to:

1) Request the electronic anthology at poslednorog -at-

2) See if you can find a piece inside that you really like (and would really like to see in English).

3) Let us know which one it is. We’ll check if it’s still available.

NB! The following pieces have already been taken (or translated):

„Разговор с никого“ – Агоп Мелконян (poor translation, needs to be redone completely)
„В началото бе метрото“ – Любомир П. Николов
„Да обичаш Сам Сама“ – Владимир Полеганов и Калин М. Ненов
„И попита войникът: – Кой ме повика?“ – Янчо Чолаков
„Сиянието на реката“ – Атанас П. Славов и Георги Арнаудов
„Заклинание“ – Величка Настрадинова
„Последният разказ“ – Александър Карапанчев
„Приказка за Юнаци и злодеи“ – Калин М. Ненов
„Елфическа песен“ – Елена Павлова
„Революция“ – Валентина Димова
„Драконът и портокаловият сок“ – Геновева Детелинова
„Начинаещ магьосник“ – Калоян Захариев
„Прошка за грешните“ – Георги Христов (needs to be edited, maybe redone completely)

4) Once we confirm it’s available, translate the first page (1800 characters or so) and send it to us.

We’ll get back to you and if all is well, you can:

5) Translate the whole piece;


6) Work with one of our senior translators (most likely me) to polish your translation.

Once we’re good and ready, our usual translation terms apply.

If you look around Fantasia Translation Academy, you’ll see I’m doing my best to find a (paying) home for all our translated pieces. So your work won’t remain unremunerated. 😉

Still, look at all those rejections. It takes time. If you can’t wait, perhaps this quest isn’t meant for you.

… Still with me?

Onwards! 😀

P.S. There is no deadline for getting involved in these translations. Still, I’ll be most active with my edits until April and then from November onwards. I’m taking a break between May and October; but if all goes well, you’ll have someone else to polish your work then.

Oh … and you will have each other. Ain’t that sweet?

(Quirky, quirky sense of humor. 😉 )